I Love Boston.

Rare form. |BlackBostonian|
Rare form. The|BlackBostonian|

Coming to you live from the East Coast, New England! Where Christopher Columbus and the settlers first came and “landed” on Plymouth Rock. However, if you are a part of the new generation, we stand by Jay-Z’s statement, “The only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace.” Regardless, welcome! This is a guide and tool to all things Boston and the culture that exists here. 

You hear about Boston and read about its past, but may not know a lot about its present, especially what it has to offer to young Black professionals. Boston brings awe to outsiders, but once you’re HERE what is there to do!!?

I’m Brandie, Boston born and raised! After living in the District of Columbia for the past 5 years I am now in the process of re-acquainting myself with  Boston as a buppie. Here in Boston our biggest east coast rival is naturally NY. Every corner vendor sells bags, hats, t-shirts with the signature I love New York. Well– I love Boston and my  hopes are to aid you in your discovery of this city, including the best places to brunch, shopping, boutiques, buying Black, and most importantly #themove. For all of these things, you’ve come to the right place to guide you through your Boston experience and everything that encompasses what it means to be a |BlackBostonian|. Until next post.

3 thoughts on “I Love Boston.

    1. BBostonian says:

      That’s awesome, you can definitely catch some great auras from the various budding neighborhoods just as long as (and I dislike this term but unsure how else to place it) you don’t upset the “locals”!! Lol

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