Business First

Jazz personality.
Jazz personality. “G” mentality. Photo: Judith B.

Let’s talk Black businesses. For a cool and serene evening, you can find me at Wally’s Café Wally’s at first glance may be overlooked as a typical Brownstone on Mass ave. But nestled inside are some of the local emerging artists honing in on their musical talents.

Founded in 1947, Wally’s is a family owned business that caters to the culture of jazz and young musical entrepreneurs. The intersection of Mass ave and Columbus ave was signature to jazz nightclubs in Boston during the forties. In 2015, prepare to be in awe of the young Berklee College of Music students who are both anxious and eager to share their art.  I don’t dust my heels off often for a nightclub, but when I do, I come here. The jukebox works,soulful live music is served up daily, and patrons of all ages crowd the speakeasy style of Wally’s Café. Wally’s is a tight spot and can get crowded but works well for date night or an after work cool down.While there are no bar bites, libations fill in plenty, recreating the jazz era culture in Boston.

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