Hey. . .Boo!

Happy Halloween

After all the rushing around on hallows eve I realized I don’t have the desire to do the scary style costume or the sexy attire either. In the past I’ve done trick or treating,  the hallelujah harvest parties (Black Christian party), and costume parades at the mall. If you’re not here for the candy and cavities but are a foodie head to Deep Ellum this fall…for Brunch of course.

Deep Ellum has hearty food  and creative cocktails. I knew we were a match after finding the Oaxacan Dead, a mezcal zombie drink, also in reference to one of my favorite shows! Paired with the gorgonzola truffle fries, Deep Ellum is certainly bringing the Dallas style of culture, fashion, and art to Allston. On such a mild day it was rewarding to enjoy sitting on the outside patio. In the end, after all my good eats I ended up with the Mexican Happy Meal. This included a tecate cerveza, blanco tequila shot, and sangrita chaser. Deep Ellum, I’m loving it, and think you will too!!

All the Best Whilst Brunch’n,


Gorgonzola Truffle Fries.
Fall River French Toast
Fall River French Toast
Mexican Happy Meal.
Mexican Happy Meal.
Kielbasa and Egg Sandwich

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