Peace for Paris

Reminiscing about this past weekend and the delicious crepes from  Paris Creperie. I had been holding onto a gift card for far too long and decided to head over to Coolidge Corner in Brookline for my brunch fix!

They always have the latest issue of Vogue (last time I went  Beyoncé was featured on the cover)  for diners and I started off with a sanpeligrino while I waited on my order.Great Eggspectations is my personal fave and contains scrambled cheddar eggs, roma tomatoes, kale, and garlic-parmesan aioli, yum! I always go for the savory crepes but there is also a wide range of sweet crepes as well.

 Paris Creperie is a tight,a la carte, cafe style eatery. When ordering you have to keep a close eye on any diners likely to be finishing up if you go at prime time. But no worries, there is turnover and you will get a table! While they can get packed inside, The Creperie has cute signage to also encourage the proper seating etiquette. Worth the wait for a delicious crepe in Boston? Oui!


Great Eggspectation



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