Must love beards 

Party on a Sunday? Yes please! Before heading to the Bryson Tiller and Travis Scott concert Sunday night, I Don’t Do Clubs’ Must Love Beards social was the “go to” day scene!

Hennessey’s in Faneuil Hall was the Sunday Funday venue for Must Love Beards, featuring the fine gentleman of Boston with facial hair. The day party was unlike any I’d ever attended, as not only was it a countrywide event that toured other metropolitan cities like Atlanta, New York and DC, but it was FREE for guys and ladies had to pay to party! Boston ladies love beards, so tickets sold out quickly!

The cocktail of choice was anything that flowed with Henny of course, as professionals from all walks crowded the scene. At the foreforont of the scene, however, were def the guys showcasing their success with No Shave November. The DJ was spinning the top hits and some partygoers were seen dancing, but most were eyeing the potential bait!

Tired of the typical Friday night bottle service and free before 11? I Don’t Do Clubs delivers on creating a diverse scene for classy ladies who don’t mind spending a few coins and providing clean cut gentlemen as eye-candy.

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Still feel “We Don’t believe you, you need more people?”

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